Saturday, April 03, 2004

Sweet Theron

I've seen Sweet November a number of times now, and I grow more fond of it each time. Not only is Charlize Theron criminally beautiful and the apex of my Hollywood adorations, the depth with which she plays her character is just extraordinary.

She plays a free-spirited, material-shunning woman that offers a cynical, jaded man (Keanu Reeves) one month to "help" him essentially discover himself. Every moment is a moment of enjoyment, everything that she does is handled and seen as a child handle and sees all. Ok, yes, to some degree I straddle the optimist and the cynic, probably heavier on the later, but their interaction and relationship is largely carried by the talents of Theron as an actress. Perhaps no where is that more clearly demonstrated and realized than in her Oscar winning role in Monster. For a former model, she sure is one hell of an actress.

Perhaps this rant is a bit off the mark, considering I generally cover news and technology with a discernible gusto, but I think it's at least socially relevant. The lifestyle we all lead is with a generally unnecessary celerity, losing the moment in stock tickers and reality television that generally makes me want to defenestrate myself. This movie is a great reminder of this, and perhaps in Theron's character portrayal, I find salvation. Perhaps it's a dated male ideal, in fact, it probably is, but then I guess you can call me old fashioned. The idea of a woman dedicated to the idea of using her liberal life to exonerate a man's soul from the confines of a financially and aesthetically driven, shallow lifestyle is just... cool. I don't know how most guys would react to that, but I think it would be an uncommon moment of acquiescence for me. Ironically, however, I imagine that if that idea truly was substantiated, I would probably curl up into my usual emotional judiciousness, don my apathy suit, and jaunt on down the well cultivated path of detachment and wonder why I'm so melancholy, meanwhile reminiscing how I would've abjured my comportment with my 20-20 hindsight. That can also be read as I'd mess it up and wonder why.

But hope is better than nothing. I'm hoping that Charlize will read this and email me. I'm hoping that I'll make enough money to never have to worry about it. I'm hoping I'll be on a regular sleep schedule one day. But Benjamin Franklin may have said it best when he orated, "He that lives upon hope will die fasting." Hope is at least a decent snack between meals though. Of course, I may just be a Douglas fir.

Full of sap.


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