Tuesday, April 13, 2004

More a Retort than an Opening

I'm delinquent, I know. I should have started up with my boy, but I've had my head in the clouds. The planet of communication (Mercury) has been in retrograde for a couple of weeks until today. You know what that feels like. All the voices in my head have been, until today, whispering sweet indecipherables into utterly clogged ears, and now, all of a sudden, today, like the Dolby Surround prompt in the previews, all the voices are speaking clearly and concisely. So I've got my scribbling mojo back, you could say.

And that's my opening. Take it or leave it.

What first inspired me to jump on this bandwagon today, actually, was a comment by my compatriot about OPEC and the war not being about oil. Dude, you said, "Democrats, that's your cue." Well, here I am:

The war in Iraq may very well not have been about oil. We don't really have any proof of that. But saying, definitively, that "the war is NOT about oil" is like saying that the Paris Hilton tape HURT her reputation, or as ludicrous as saying that the war was about homeland security, when all proof shows that nobody's any safer with that glass-eyed, unkempt (former ally to the US) Saddam Hussein out of his hole and out of Iraq and in custody. Furthermore, gas prices going up is not necessarily a sign that our intention in Iraq was NOT their oil; it could also be, blatantly, yet another example of the failings of the economy and the relative JackShit the Administration has actually done to make it all better. I can stand by the idea that the Administration's intentions were Iraqi oil because the whole engagement in Iraq has been, more or less, one big planning flaw after another. No wonder we're not paying less for gas! We haven't gotten control of theirs yet anyway!

There could be more clarity to that. But I'm just a hot-headed Democrat today; I'm entitled; the Republican administration is leading us down a cold road. Someone's gotta balance the warmth.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, belated, to my boy!


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