Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Where Is Your Rage?

The contrasting viewpoint on Grife's article, The Horror...The Horror.

Remember the SAT? Morals are to war as oil is to water. We, as a country, walk on a very slippery slope at this point in time. With the mistreatment of prisoners, according to the Geneva Convention delineated rules of war, the public cries out about how inhumane we are being.

Guess what? I don’t blame anyone. If I saw my friend’s head blown off right next to me, and managed to capture that guy and had a few minutes in a room with him, humiliation would probably be light treatment. Typically, sleep deprivation is used by psy-ops in order to learn information from prisoners, and that’s considered within the bounds of the Geneva Convention.

I’ve had some friends that have gone to serve, and they’ve definitely changed. Life over there is not easy, and the public outrage is beginning to bring up memories of Vietnam. Remember what our public did to Vietnam vets? They were spit upon, yelled at, and denounced, all by the country who raised them.

I don’t condone the actions of these troops, because what they did was depraved and a perverted, and probably unnecessary, despite claims of psy-ops orders coming down, but I don’t blame them either. I’m not over there, wondering if I’ll see my family again, under constant anxiety of bombings, shootings, and various other attacks. Under that much stress, people are prone to do things to relieve pressure, and they’re not always pretty. In Vietnam, some soldiers were known to cut off an ear from each kill and put them on a necklace. Depraved in regular society, sure, but when you’re out in the jungle, it doesn’t seem so strange.

What’s really the problem is the media hype, which led to a “retaliation” execution. These 5 executioners are animals. Pure, unadulterated animals. It’s been hours now since I downloaded and watched this video, and I’m still nauseous. Watch the video, you can get it from Kazaa, Limewire, or another p2p, but watch it only if you have the stomach. It isn’t Hollywood, it isn’t photo editing, that’s a real person. His name was Nick Berg. He was 26 years old, a civilian, and lived in Philly.

And don’t think they just guillotine him either. He’s beheaded, and slowly, with a machete. They start on the side of his neck and don’t chop, but carve through, and the screams actually made me physically recoil… I’ll leave it at that, because the description is grotesque and inappropriate. I wish that I had never even seen it, because I don’t know if I can ever forget. This is like concentration camps; it’s so bad you almost can’t believe it’s real… you don’t want to believe it’s real.

To the people who sit and criticize from their nice comfy leather chairs I reiterate: morals are to war as oil is to water. How do you fight an enemy who lacks courage, dignity and morality? A faction with no discernable trace, these people float like shadows and stab into backs. We have to hit hard, and sometimes morals take a backseat to the goals. It’s sad, it’s wrong, and it’s not something that should be publicized with tabloid-like zeal. I used to think that the war against “evil” was a really lame line, but I’m a convert. I believe we are fighting evil. I never thought I could see a human be truly demonic… I was wrong. I’m sorry Mr. Berg.

And to the leather chair types, I have but only one thing left to say:

Where is your rage?

Watch that video, and tell me how you truly feel.


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