Thursday, May 13, 2004


I'm generally someone who sleeps very little for a multitude of reasons, but I'm adding this tidbit because it's different this time.

I'm afraid to sleep.

The basic reason behind this is because of the video I watch today for my Where Is Your Rage article. Let me make something decidely clear:

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT watch the video!!!!

I'm sure I'll be fine for those that feel that's of interest, but let me tell you, I'm affected, and it's not something I will pass on to anybody I know. I say to watch the video for the purpose of the argument, knowing that most of you will be intelligent enough not to proceed down that road. Just trust that it's not something to see, and that I'm among many people (including most journalists) who recommend not watching it and wished they had never seen it.

And for me especially, had never heard it.


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