Friday, May 21, 2004

The Last Straw

The Administration's Little Piggy house of cards, surely made of lesser stuff than even straw, has finally been blown completely over. With the news today and yesterday that Ahmad Chalabi has passed pivotal U.S. intelligence to Iran, the cancer infecting the infrastructure of this mesmerizingly flawed WarHawk policy has finally metastasized. Let's take a look:

First, they pressed for war against much opposition (i.e., millions of people across the globe rallying together against the war). They got the resolution to strike based on evidence that they possessed WMDs (so far, ... one dirty bomb of sarin agent more than a year after invading); that they were an imminent threat to Americans (well, no, but, yes, cuz (well done!) you put thousands of Americans in harm's way there!); and all this evidence (as it turns out now) was dished to them from the mouth of a self-interested turncoat who's now giving top secret US information (and why in hell is HE getting top secret information!?!?) to Iran. ... Now they'll probably insist on invading Iran to get that information muzzled up again!

Second, some higher-up, perhaps even the very highest up, authorized the use of law-breaking procedureson prisoners of war. [See some of my earlier posts for more information on that.] Not to mention that they used those procedures on law-ABIDING, innocent civilians, in most cases.

Third, they fashioned a BUH-FUCKING-RILLIANT exit plan involving, well, no planning whatsoever, or rather, planning with such extreme, faith-based, and downright delusional optimism that there was no inkling of damage control should certain variables NOT turn out absolutely positive in Iraq. And, well, nothing has turned out positive at all.

In my humble opinion, this is just the last straw. All the blood, the lives, the money, the credibility we've put into this war, and it was mainly based on information provided by an unreliable man who was once "convicted of fraud in absentia" and is now trading in US secrets, and all the while receiving $340,000 a month from the US government. Talk about flaws in policy. This Administration...OfFICially. Gets a vote of ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING CONFIDENCE.


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