Sunday, May 16, 2004

What's A Year In Forever Redesign

You might notice a little bit of difference in... ummm the entire site design. This seems a lot more readable and a little more straightforward. Considering how little you're allowed to modify things because of the template design, it's nice to have some rounded edges and things to work with. A few little things to mention:

I copied the relevant comments except for ones that didn't have any text. I also transfered the names. However, we have a new commenting system that is limited to 1000 characters or less, so some of you wordy people (like Tracheotomy man) will have to split it like I did for him. It also allows for others to trackback if they want to blog about a specific post and they're Haloscan members too. It just serves as a better way of linking up and networking.

The design has a few little flaws right now, but I'm done trying to work it out. Speak up and let us know what you think. Remember, this is a forum for everyone, we're just the topic moderators. Ok, so a little more than that, but your comments inspire us to write more, so be heard people.



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