Sunday, May 16, 2004

Yes, I Took An Online Quiz On A Saturday Night

I went out tonight to play some more pool, which only really lasted for a few moments. I was told that my friend Alex had a blog, so I went to check it out, and I discovered another friend's (Matt's) blog, and that he had taken a few funny quizzes. His results are rather amusing. So I figured I would take a crack at it as well. Here's what I got:

Imagine this:dominant
You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully, it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into you playing the dominant role MEORW!

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Better yet, check this out:
PASSIONATE LOVER. You love to love, always looking for a relationship. You cannot live without it. Your lover must be passionate and you want that you and your partner melt into each other. He/She should not try to take the domination. You dont want a relationship without passion, and the sexuality plays a big part. The first moment you meet him/her is one of the most important. There has to be something between you, you cannot explain. From the first moment on everything must fix. But when this passion disappears you disappear to. For you it is better to leave than to see your love restrained.

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
brought to you by Quizilla

Wow, I just need to stop there I should say. Alex's blog has extensive movie reviews and literary commentary, which I will read so as to raise my IQ beyond that of a common primate. Matt's blog is just straight up funny.

Since I'm refering blogs tonite, I can't forget to mention TJ's place, especially this entry Kev wrote about his neighbor's dog:

I find myself aiming a lot of anger at Patches, this ugly little dog whose name I wake to every morning. He is creepy and sickly and small (or, as my dad used to say, “I’ve laid turds bigger than that dog.”). He runs up to you and barks, but zips off if you try to pet him. He is a master of the piss and run, whereby the dog races up to some property of yours that you would rather not be peed on, lifts its leg and pees for one second, then races away.

Poor Kev, it must really be annoying, but damn does it make a great story and a good laugh. Thanks again Kev.

Ok, that's it for now, I think that I ought to try to sleep more often, but it really is just a big waste of time. Besides, I can always write totally useless blog entries which amuse me and prevent me from sleeping anyway.


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