Thursday, July 15, 2004

Good Stories And Good Laughs Ease The Day On By

Sorry I've been negligent to all those out there that visit, I just had my three moment happen the other day, and all that's gone down has stepped in and made me very weary.  A friend had a car wreck leaving my house, and I actually pulled her out of her car and rode in the ambulance.  Doctors sent her home, only she had a tear in her small intestine that required surgery a few days later.  Damn hospitals make too many mistakes.
Anyway, in light of all of my heaviness I've been levying upon the masses lately, I figured I would share a fun little story that made me laugh the other day.  A friend of mine, who actually lived at my crib for a month at one point, just got a Lab puppy.  He's always wanted a dog, and after hanging with my two Labs over the years (I'll show a pic if anyone wants to see), who happen to be two of the coolest and greatest dogs ever, he decided he was going to get one.
A few days later I got a phone call from him, with the dawning realization that having a puppy is a bigger job than he had first anticipated.  I laughed for about 10 minutes straight, trying to be nice initially, and then realizing that I was laughing harder because of it.  I said to him, "When you first said you were getting a puppy, I just quietly said to myself 'He has no idea what he's getting into, no idea.' "
He got hysterical and began telling stories that only true dog lovers can appreciate.  Throwing a ball across the room, and the dog running after it, tripping on her big puppy paws, and careening at a high velocity and using her head to stop herself on a table leg.  Then he's on the phone, talking to Sasha (that's her name), asking her why she's digging so many holes in the yard and what that will accomplish.  I said to him, "If you can actually rationalize and analyze a situation with your dog, you need to let me know right away."  We laughed more on that too. 
Somebody once said that God made babies and puppies cute so you wouldn't kill them.  I still remember when Raven, my younger one, was little and I took her to a friends house in my shirt pocket, with her little paws sticking out.  She was really cute.  Then I took her home and she peed all over my bed.  Man, I love my dogs.
Maybe this isn't the best post in the world, but I know a few people will have nostalgic smiles on their face reading this.  There's nothing like raising a puppy, at least in my experience thus far.  It may be a job, but the memories are incredible.
Good times. 


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