Saturday, June 26, 2004

Why Do They Breed?

The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me.

I was at the hospital yesterday because my Grandmother is in ICU. Security at this hospital is remarkably lax, to the point of absurdity. I think I've actually seen a security guard maybe three times in the few days I've been there. Anyway, so my father and I are sitting in the ICU waiting room, which, when others are in there, tends to be a little bit heavy and sometimes morbid. People in there are usually nervous, melancholy, and generally reserved.

That was, up until yesterday.

A family walked in that had a member in ICU. Keep in mind, I usually would welcome a little bit of life and smiles in this situation, but this came nowhere near that kind of warmth. Literally, I think 12 people came in for one individual, and they varied from 60 to 6. They were loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and their conduct was unbecoming for the decorum of the waiting room. I heard a mother comment, REALLY loud about her daughter like she wasn't there, "God, she looks great. She lost so much weight she almost isn't fat anymore." The children are running around like rabid animals, screaming and yelling without any semblance of concern from the parents. I think they were tazmanian devils dressed in the disguised of children. I wondered if I could explain that to the police in a rational matter later if need be.

Two older women walk into the waiting room with heaviness on their shoulders. There are easily enough seats in the waiting room as it was my father and I, and empty chair, and the family taking up the rest of the place. Four kids were sitting in seats, and not one of them was told or asked to move by their parents. When I was younger, if I did that, I would've gotten my head chewed off by one of my parents. These parents just didn't give a flying __________. One lady sits in the empty seat, the other stands. I'm finishing up a pizza because we had an opportunity to eat which is something I generally seize at a given moment. Finally, my father and I got up so the other woman could sit. We left, before I really lost my mind, and I suppose I should be thankful for that.

Time passes, and we return. The status of the waiting room has not changed. These people are not only obese and aggravating, they're still being loud. The craziest part is the fact that it was DURING ICU visiting hours, so they could easily have gone in to visit. I was tired and borderline furious. I was figuring I could take out at least three of the men in a fury while keeping the children at bay. Such unchecked ignorance needs to be hammered down, and I was ready to split wigs. If the parents couldn't teach respect, maybe the children would learn from the fall of the parent.

Instead, I chose to be diplomatic and tell the ICU receptionist about the situation in as friendly a voice as I could muster. She seemed at a loss for words, but I figured she'd call security to quiet them down.

I never saw it happen. I left in the nick of time.

The funiest part is, the hospital has signs all over that say, "Quiet please. Healing in progress." I love that sign. I actually dreamt last night of walking into the room with that sign and saying, "Is anyone here literate enough to read what this says, and could you please read it aloud?" Then I started to beat some heads in. I guess it pays to be non-violent most of the time. I figured at least if I were gonna lose my head and get into a fight, we'd both be in the perfect place to recouperate. I mean, it is a hospital. I also figured that if they were there to visit someone in ICU, I could just put them in a bed.

It's a good thing I dream. I might be blogging from jail.

Note: I'm not typically violent. I like flowers and bunnies and big smiles. But sometimes I just need to vent.


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