Wednesday, August 25, 2004

J5's "Love" Poems Part I

Ok, some of you here requested, other's didn't. I'm not done yet, but I figured I'd throw the first few up, the ones off the top of my head. WARNING: Some of these are really crude, so turn back now for those who like my PG stuff.

Your flirting, warming, and I accept
Shave your back, and don’t get wet.

Anonymous you must stand
To protect us all and our great land
And on the streets clean up the mess
And then go home to wear a dress

Salacious tenacious, sensually you switch
But we all know… you’re just a bitch.

Shoe addictions and shopping sprees
You spend money like it grows on trees
To get a rich man to pay for these
You’d better get pads for your knees

The ladies swoon with your ingenuity
Too bad you need tweezers just to pee

Your splendor, wind, and I, the eagle,
I hope to God that you are legal.

On your beauty, I am stuck
Let’s get you drunk so we can _ _ _ _
Tahiti stories, smooth skin, grace
Here’s “mango juice” just for your face


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