Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Years: The Party That Never Ends

For the first time in years, I haven't had the New Year's party at my house.

It wasn't a big loss, I just moved it to a friend's house and we had it there. At least 20 of my regulars were on another coast, far away, or just went to see the ball drop in person. If you have an urge to do this, I would gently turn to you and say, "You're an idiot," and let that wisdom lay upon you for awhile.

So New Year's was odd, but a lot of fun. We sat around a big round table and played some various drinking games that just never seem to die. We laughed. I had a good time. The ball dropped. A girl tried to kiss me, but the vague smell of cannabis on her breath was enough for me to only want to endure a peck. People made phone calls. The party was over by 2am. Another year begins.

The next day was gorgeous. I think I remember hearing it was in the low 60's. I was back at that house. "Anybody feel like a beer?" Sure! Off we go, starting at 3pm on a mild hangover. I wound up at a club where I was told I had a dance off with some dude. I like to dance. I didn't think I liked it that much. Again, asleep by 2am. The party never ends.

A few more little parties, a little more fun. Another visit to that club, where I was pulled out to the dance floor by a 5'10" woman, a friend, with a barely opened bottle of Bud and grooved out to "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by a live band. They were pretty good. They ought to have been, for the $7 cover I had to pay.

The next day, for being the designated driver, I received a nice dinner, home cooked. I enjoyed. I rested. Another day later and I have a cold. Looks like the fun does have to stop sometimes.

That's the overview. Maybe I have some good stories for later, but I'm waiting for the fever to abate.

Oh, one other thing. I went to see White Noise. It's one of the better scary, non-gory movies I've seen in quite some time. I saw it with a female friend. She likes scary movies too. I couldn't believe it, I actually jumped a few times. The screaming individual on my right could have been a contributing factor in that situation.

"Hold me!" I whispered at one point.

"Hold you? Hold ME!" she retorted.

If you say so....

P.S. This post may actually be used to certify that I achieve lunacy occasionally. I've been without a net connection for days, so I've been negligent. I'll be back regularly one day. Maybe.


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