Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Party People

I want to thank Kat, Zelda, Jethro, Catt, Laura, and Celti for being such faithful readers and commenters. I really appreciate having you all around. You've kept me around in blogland.


Has anyone actually ever used the trackback part of Haloscan? I've used it all of three times, I believe, but it's funny that no one often has the urge to implement that little tool.

Calling All Commenters

Is there anything that you would like to hear about? Sometimes I get stuck for ideas, so I'm opening the door for suggestions. I may not take them, but you sure as hell can try.

Maybe it will lead to a great idea. Maybe I'll just laugh at you.


It's been snowing a lot in Connecticut. I think that people forget a lot that it's important to remember you childhood exuberance for snow coming down. It makes the task of trying to get through it all an adventure instead of a hassle.

I'm also of the opinion that the seasons are shifting. I don't remember it snowing on my birthday (April), but in recent years, it has happened. This hasn't been an easy winter, it just hasn't really come into full swing yet.

Hollywood Dudes

I happen to think that Vince Vaughn, Jack Nicholson, and John Travolta are some of the coolest, most laid back dudes in Hollywood. If you put them in the worst movie, I'd probably still be inclined to go see it.

I don't know why I shared this. I guess I have a wee bit of leftover Oscar fever.

Web Design

A friend of mine, a musician, is in talks with Nickelodeon and MTV. He asked me to design his website which I will soon be doing. I may ask some of you for some helpful opinions/browser testing. It should be interesting to see if I can make a little bit of a living off of this kind of work.

Town Tragedy

I don't know if some of you heard about this in the news, but there was a big arrest made of a guy who had allegedy commited numerous robbery/murders at jewelery stores. One of them happened to be right down the road from my house. I live in a very suburban, relatively crime free area, and it was a shock to everyone. Christopher DiMeo, 23, is a suspect in the murder of the store's two owners, husband and wife. His accomplice? DiMeo's mother, who cased the joints and drop the getaway car.

I've heard rumors in town that the husband was shot first, and a storeowner next door heard the wife begging for her life before more gunshots errupted.

DiMeo is apparently known to be a heroin user.

I drive by the store all of the time. The windows are covered in brown paper, and the place looks desolate. The store owners were well liked in the community, and were apparently quite nice people. I drive by there all of the time.

There are probably about a hundred bouqettes of flowers outside of the store.

For all bad, good somehow arises through the darkness.


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