Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Silent Minority

With all of the hating on Republicans lately, I thought I'd bring up a few things to piss people off. A few things the wonderful Dems haven't brought up or acknowledged lately:

1. We had elections in January in Iraq. Did you hear them admit that they were wrong, saying it was impossible? Nope. Now you hear them saying we need a public exit strategy. That's good, we'll help the fundamentalists with their calendar.

2. No Child Left Behind is a bad policy. The funny thing is that teachers (not collegiate level) truly know the holes and problems with this bill, and have a valid point for a democratic platform. It's just really hard to fight something with that title. And Dems don't wanna.

3. Remember all of those movie stars and public figures who said that if GW was re-elected, they'd leave the country? Yeah? Where are they now? Didn't they get their invitation from Carnival Cruise Lines?

4. Socialized health care, Canada being the apex example, is actually more expensive and creates a monopoly:

One-fifth of the revenues come from a wage tax of 3.22 per cent charged to employers and the rest comes from general taxes at the provincial and federal levels. It costs $1,200 per year in taxes for each Quebec citizen to have access to the public health system. This means that the average two-child family pays close to $5,000 per year in public health insurance. This is much more expensive than the most comprehensive private health insurance plan.

5. I don't agree with a constitutional amendment preventing gay marriage, nor do I believe in removing the right for women to have a choice with their bodies. Neither does the Supreme Court, nor the majority of Republicans. Not all Republicans are fanatical Christians. What happened to coming together to promote the good of all?

6. Sean Penn is not a political leader. He's actually an asshole. Somebody oughta just pull him aside and say, "Watch the sass, Captain Sassy Pants."


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