Monday, July 26, 2004


My buddy and his wife came over today, and they brought their little pup.  Yellow lab, so small, she was playing with my two puppies and even took a dip in the pool.  She's a gutsy one, that Sasha.

After awhile, she began shivering, so we wrapped her up in a towel, and my friend's wife was holding her.  I asked if she minded if I did it for awhile, and she happily obliged.

There's nothing more precious than holding something young that you adore.  I lounged in the sun for awhile, trying to console a shivering cold 5 lb. puppy.  It was wonderful.  I decided to re-wrap her in something dry, took her inside, lay down on the couch and watched a movie, with her wrapped up and on my chest.  Body heat worked well, and she finally stopped shivering and slept deeply.  I wish I had a picture, but couldn't find my camera.  It felt so good.

It's funny how sometimes the things we all need most come in small packages, and are often the things we avoid with great tenacity.  It was so nice to let something close that was fragile and precious.  It reminds me of what is underneath all of the defenses and walls within.

What a great day.


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